Looking for a Home Addition?

Are you are expanding the family, want a bigger bedroom, or want to increase the value of your home?

The list of answers can be endless, but one answer all clients have in common is that they want more living space. A home addition is the perfect way to create the house of your dreams, without packing up and moving.


This is the part of the process where you get to be creative, and let the architect know exactly what you need in your home. This includes things like the number of bedrooms, and where you would like everything oriented. It is important that the architect is on the same page as you, so be as detailed in your plans as possible when you explain what you picture your dream home looking like.


Now that you and the architect are on the same page, it is now time for the architect to create rough sketches of the proposed new home. These sketches will allow for you to see how the architect interpreted all of your ideas, and some architects even use software to create a 3-D representation of the proposed home. This is the point where you can make design changes and tell the architect which design you like the best out of the ones he/she has proposed. Additionally, the homeowner must approve the drawings before proceeding to the next step.


The architect gets even more detailed now, specifying the finalized floor plans with the dimensions of rooms and other spaces that will appear in the construction drawings.


This step is the most crucial aspect of the process. Assuming you have approved the proposed drawings from step 3, the architect then creates construction documents that will be used by the general contractor to create your new home. These documents are some of the most important documents for the general contractor, as they are needed to show subcontractors exactly what needs to be completed, and are needed in other key moments of the renovation. These drawings are also the drawings that the general contractor will use to price the project.


Now that you have picked the general contractor that will build your house, you now get to watch your dream home get built right before your eyes! The architect and general contractor will work very close and ensure that the project is completed as specified in the drawings, and is on schedule.